Saturday, April 16, 2016

Baby Animal Vocabulary Cards ~ Pictures, Animal and Baby Animal Names

Spring is here and baby animal studies are all the rage!  I have searched for the perfect baby animal poem and I found it {HERE}

First stanza:
Baby animals soft and sweet
Tiny mouths, still asleep. 

Kids need real pictures of animals and I found great pictures on Teachers by Teachers by Z is for Zebra to create my new vocabulary cards with.  I added the animal's name and the baby animal's name on each card.  I threw in a little phonemic awareness with syllable sort (by animal or  baby animal name) and we have a really neat baby animals activity that can be integrated into every classroom.

Below is a sample of the baby animals vocabulary cards.  There are 22 animals total in this product.

Here are a few of darling books to add to your activities.

National Geographic Baby Animals
Baby Animals of the World
Bright Baby Touch and Feel
My Big Animal Book
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